Controller of Site Safety (Re-Certification)


COSS (Re-Certification)

Delegates will be able to:

  • Know the roles and responsibilities of a COSS.
  • Check the competencies via Sentinel.
  • Demonstrate a good COSS briefing.
  • Access information about the site.
  • Demonstrate the Safe System of Work planning process.
  • Correctly appoint Lookouts/Site Wardens.
  • Demonstrate use of the sighting distance chart and how this can be attained.
  • Understand and demonstrate a good level of both written and verbal communications.
  • Demonstrate the ability to take and hand back line blockages.
  • State the process when working within a possession.
  • Understand and state the process for working in a siding.
  • Know how to manage an incident, and the role of the RIO.
  • Understand the LCV process

Course Pre-Requisites:

  • You currently hold PTS and COSS competencies or be within the 8-week grace period (from expiry date).
  • Have successfully completed all COSS workplace assessments.
  • Have a minimum of 4 Work Experience Logbook entries
  • Have a good level of literacy.

The training will be followed by theory and practical assessments. Successful delegates will be recommended for assessment of competence under the Employer’s Competence Management System.

Who’s it for?

This course is for those who will carry out Controller of Site Safety (COSS) duties, setting up safe systems of work for a group whilst on or near the line. You will have achieved COSS certification, and need reassessment for renewal.


3 days (includes Personal Track Safety (PTS) Re-certification)

4 days (includes Personal Track Safety (PTS) AC Re-certification and Overhead Line Permit (COSS OLP)

5 days (includes Personal Track Safety (PTS) AC and DCCR Re-certification, Overhead Line Permit and Conductor Rail Permit (COSS OLP & COSS CRP LLT)