Engineering Supervisor (Initial)


Candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the Engineering Supervisor and under what circumstances they may be appointed.
  • Be able to interpret reference documentation, plans and what information will be provided during a pre planning meeting.
  • Implement procedures applicable to GERT 8000 – HB 12 Issue 1
  • Understand the importance of briefings and communications protocols.
  • Understand how to conduct emergency protection of a railway line.
  • Identify and understand the role and appointment of a PICOP or SPICOP.
  • To be able to follow clear procedures before, during and after the commencement of the work
  • Correctly identify protocols to be followed when organising or initiating all train movements.
  • State hand back, suspension or over running procedures including change over protocols.

Course Pre-Requisites

  • That the candidate currently holds a valid Sentinel Safety Card.
  • That the candidate’s suitability has been verified by their line manager.
  • It is the responsibility of delegates’ management system to ensure that the delegate currently holds a COSS competence.
  • That the candidate is in possession of a current competency Logbook.

The training will be followed by theory and practical assessments.

Successful delegates will be recommended for an assessment of competence under their Employer’s Competence Management System. Upon successful completion of the course and any additional modules the National Competency Control Agency (NCCA) will be informed of a decision of competence and the candidate will be issued with a new Sentinel card stating ES.

Who’s it for?

The Engineering Supervisor (Initial) course is designed for delegates to understand and implement safe systems of work, whilst gaining understanding of how utilise the available resources required, whilst working in a T3 Possession. This includes safe working practices and controlling train movements. This course is essential for personnel who conduct Engineering Supervisor duties whilst setting up a work site which may include engineering train movements.


2 Days