We provide a variety of NPORS accredited courses, compliant with HSE. We use NPORS trained instructors, who are all certified competent to deliver quality training to operators.

Candidates require no prior-experience, but are required to have passed the Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test in the last two years to qualify for a CSCS-approved NPORS card.

Listed below are the courses we offer:


Slinger & Signaller

Forward Tipping Dumper


Excavator 360 – Above & Below tonne

Lorry Loader

Vehicle Banksman

Red Card to Blue Card NVQs

Loading Shovel

Telescopic Handler

Plant Banksman  
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When you decide to gain a formal, recognised qualification from NPORS, there are two different types of card.
You can gain one without the CSCS emblem recognition on your card, or you can gain one with the CSCS recognised emblem on your card.

The card without the CSCS emblem is more of an “In house” qualification and many of the mayor contractors will not readily accept these types of cards as an industry recognised qualification.
To gain the NPORS CSCS recognised card, you must have passed the CSCS touch screen test within two years of Taking a plant qualification.

If you have never had a CSCS card, you must attend a 1-day Health Safety and Environment course and complete the CSCS touch screen test. CSCS will not Issue a CSCS card until both parts are completed.